A: Perpa Tic. Mrk. A Blok Kat: 4-5 No:135/137 34384 Okmeydanı, Şişli / İSTANBUL - TURKEY     P: +90212 210 39 55    M: satis@emekkablo.com


While our organization carries out cable production and service activities;

Increasing Customer Satisfaction by following the technological developments, in line with modern technologies, meeting the National and / or International Standards and Customer demands, at lower costs and with timely delivery assurance;

By applying all human needs with a sense of social responsibility;

Measurable continuous improvement in every possible area related to Quality, Environment and OHS; Taking the necessary precautions to minimize the effects of our products on the environment and living health, to prevent injury and health deterioration,

Determining environmental dimensions, preventing pollution and minimizing waste by detecting the types and damages of environmental impacts and disposing of our hazardous wastes with minimized environmental impact,

While ensuring our employees' continuity of their trainings on Quality Environment and OHS principles, increasing their awareness of their individual Quality Environment and OHS responsibilities, encouraging participation and teamwork; To contribute to the formation of this awareness in our guests, subcontractors, suppliers and related parties,

Making improvements to reduce energy consumption and raw material waste by increasing efficiency in our operations,

In line with all these, by determining the Quality, Environment, OHS goals and targets, to ensure the revision of each year and to explain performance to continuously improve our Quality Environment and OHS Management system,

We are committed with the support of Senior Management and the participation of all our employees.

General Manager